Bike & Belong course.

In our Bike & Belong course, about ten participants and ten trainers meet and together practice biking. We train together once per week. The courses last about two months. Before the courses start, our trainers are prepared in a train-the-trainer workshop. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to take part in a first aid class.

And what do we do in our Bike & Belong classes?

Practical Bike Training.

Many participants have never sat on a bike before. Thus, we start very slowly into the practical training: for example, with balance exercises & coordination training. First we practice with scooters or walking bikes and then transition onto the bikes. Getting on the bike, taking curves, turning, shoulder checks, etc. At the end of two months you can see the results. But we don’t just bike in our courses. Language games and free-time activities are part of our trainings. We get to know each other, interact & the group becomes its own great community.

Theory & Traffic Practice.

Once all participants are sitting on their bikes, we practice traffic theory and learn the most important traffic rules & tips for bikers in road traffic. The most important traffic signs, right of way rules, etc.: so much dry theory goes well with a delicious picnic. During the practical training we practice what we have learned. If possible, we take an excursion to a traffic practice range and prepare ourselves step by step for biking in road traffic.

Bike Rides.

Then finally we go out into the city & surrounding area. In the courses we take short bike rides, discover the city, have a picnic at our favorite places & practice safe biking in road traffic.

Repair Workshops.

Together we practice with participants on one afternoon how to conduct basic bike maintenance so that they can enjoy their new bikes for a long time. The great donated bikes are checked again during the workshop so that they are road safe. At the end of every course, every participant has the opportunity to receive their own bike.

Further Events & Activities.

When we are not biking, we have many activities: cooking together, movie nights, picnics. In some locations, we have also gymnastic courses & further sport and free-time activities for participants, volunteers & their family and friends. Also after the official Bike Bridge season we continue to meet for bike rides, excursions & cooking events or continue to improve our biking skills during open trainings.

Open Training.

Once per week is much too little? For everyone who would like to practice more, we offer an open training at almost every location once per week. We invite all interested women to bike with us.

Bike & Belong Courses for Advanced Bikers.

Even when almost all participants in our Bike & Belong courses are able to bike at the end of our courses, many still feel insecure in road traffic. Since 2019, we offer in some locations also advanced courses. In small groups we bike together through the city and dive deeper into traffic rules & dangerous traffic situations. Further, we also practice biking with a child seat and a child trailer.