BIKE BRIDGE Biking without Age.

In 2020 Bike Bridge started cooperating with a new project, Radeln ohne Alter Deutschland e.V.:    

Biking without age.

Following the motto “Everyone has the right to wind in their hair”, we are organizing in 2020 Rickshaw rides for and with seniors in Freiburg in cooperation with Biking without Age Germany e.V. (Radlen ohne Alter e.V).
We would especially like to increase the mobility of seniors and therefore improve their participation in community life. We would like to bring together young and old, to tell stories, to learn from each other, and to laugh together. Join us!

Who’s behind it?

The project began in Denmark: since 2012 the cycling club of Kopenhagen has been organizing rickshaw rides with residents of senior homes. Following the motto “Everyone has the right to wind in their hair”, 42 branches in further countries have been founded. Radeln ohne Alter Bonn e.V. has been in Germany since 2017. More information about the organization can be found here:
The team in Bonn coordinates the subsequent locations in Germany. And since 2020 we are also part of the team!

Radeln ohne Alter meets Bike Bridge !

For the bike city Freiburg, we wish that the experience of biking is available for all, to use and to be mobile. For example, for women who have not had the opportunity to learn biking (Bike & Belong courses) or people, who due to age, sickness or other circumstances are no longer able to bike. We would like to offer a free-time activity for this often socially excluded target group and bring together the diverse target groups of our organization’s activities (people with asylum and migratory experience, people from the local population, and also seniors) for contact and exchange. Just like our Bike & Belong courses, the new project should contribute to fostering and strengthening the social connectivity of our community. It is important for us to work toward and shape this interaction. In this way, prior participants from our bike courses can engage as rickshaw drivers. For the implementation of the project, we are looking for motivated volunteers and also cooperation partners such as senior homes and senior organizations in order to establish contact with as many passengers as possible and to make many rickshaw rides possible!

You would like to bike with us?

We are looking for rickshaw pilot drivers. Do you like to be in the fresh air and would like to get some exercise?

Then take residents of senior homes or private persons on a ride through the city, into the green, and on the water. If you would like to make your time a gift, volunteer with Radeln ohne Alter meets Bike Bridge!

You would like to cooperate with us?

You work in a senior home or you know a senior organization, which needs to know about us? Tell them and contact us. We are looking for cooperation partners who would like to make many wonderful rickshaw rides with us possible!

You can receive further information about the project and possibilities to volunteer from Clara.

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