the idea.

The idea for Bike Bridge came from Shahrzad Enderle. In 2015 she visited a public housing project for refugees and found there were no women present. She noticed that men and children were in the courtyard and playing basketball or soccer. Discussions with residents motivated her to develop a program for this target group focused on fun, enjoyment, mobility and social connection. “Biking is a very fitting free time activity for our target group, many women did not have the chance in their home countries to learn how to bike.”


Shahrzad Enderle, Lena Pawelke and Clara Speidel developed the first concept for a Bike & Belong program in 2015. In 2016, the first pilot course was conducted in Freiburg. A total success! Since December 2017 we are an independent social organization with an official office structure with a ten-person team.

our team.

Clara Speidel

Radeln ohne Alter & Multiplikator*innen-Schulungen & Bike Café

Shahrzad Enderle

Projektkoordinatorin Freiburg

Lena Pawelke

Skalierung & Finanzierung

Carola Schneider

Assistenz der Geschäftsführung

Sarah Bulang


Malin Fichter

Projektkoordinatorin Köln

Steffi Brunsen

Projektkoordinatorin Hamburg

Gregor Falter


Judith Häring

Projektkoordinatorin Frankfurt

Nadima Bakkour

Community Managerin

Jan Stegemann

Office Manager

Quan-Minh Bottrill-Chau

Projektkoordination München

Chloé Stephenson

Fahrradmanagerin Freiburg


Inka Lauppe

geschäftsführende Vorständin

Irene Vogel


Eckart Tölzel


Since winter 2019 we have a new board. Thank you very much for your engagement!
We are happy, you are with us!


thank you.

And what would our project be without its core, the social engagement of our volunteers?

Thank you very much to our numerous volunteers, especially our volunteer trainers and child care providers, partially very devoted and regularly involved volunteers, and our hard-working helpers, funders & supporters!! Without you, just as in October 2015, Bike Bridge would not exist. We would like to thank all of you for your terrific work, time, patience & enthusiasm. We would also like to thank our participants very much for their trust, openness & vitality!